Google chairman dating black christian singles online dating

Unlike many Internet companies, Google is transparent when it comes to contact and location information for the company headquarters.

Google is responsible for a long list of household names, including You Tube, Gmail, Google Drive, Motorola Mobility, Plink Art, Pyra Labs,, Android, Waze and Picasa.

The last was a joke, he has since claimed, although it's hard to blame anyone for taking him seriously.

This is, after all, the man who brought us Street View maps, video-enabled glasses and software that can use our profile pictures in adverts targeted at our friends.

Racy images of bikini-topped young females from a now-closed Instagram account.

And, bizarrely, an account of the Google chairman's 2007 road trip to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, during which he had a screaming argument with Apple founder Steve Jobs on a desert payphone, and was later photographed amid the acid heads and techno freaks dressed in a red neckerchief and a pair of -style lab goggles.

Page Six reported in 2010 that Roepers and his glamorous, jet-setting wife, Shafi, had filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage.


What happens when you Google the man who runs Google? As in: Eric Schmidt, the internet company's 58-year-old executive chairman - a man whose circular glasses, boiled-ham complexion and shapeless black suits make him look more like a mid-level Scandinavian architect from 1986 than one of the richest men on earth. Type his name into the site over which he presides, and the bots and spiders that toil beneath the surface of the web will present you with thousands of blandly identical images of his corporate head shot, along with some extraordinary details about the Washington-born, married-with-kids programmer who spends much of his time circling the globe in his Gulfstream V jet.

We’re told Schmidt has no hard feelings about her other romance but simply had enough of the dual-dude situation.


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