Gay men dating women

To friends and family, they were a perfect American family. For months, the pair had been fighting more and more.

Jim had been distracted, their relationship was increasingly strained.

The pair had dated in high school, gone to university together, and married at 21.

They’d both worked hard, and they were raising two teenage children together in the leafy suburbs of southern Boston.


“After Christmas and Thanksgiving we tend to get a bigger meeting – people think it’s a time to deal with things or make a difference.” When he got married, Jim knew something was different.

I have been deeply, earth shatteringly in love with both men and women.

Just because I happen to be engaged to a man doesn’t mean that I haven’t found a home within the gay community.

They fall in love and they think they can really manage it and keep it under control,” he says.

“They’ve really believed that whole fairy story that love will conquer all, and that if they really do love their love their wives then everything will work out,” says Steven.What do you feel like your relationship to our community is? I’m accepting and open and honest and vulnerable and want to make fun music that makes people want to dance.


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