Free text cyber sex chatroom

With the prevalence and speed of the internet and mobile devices, racy photos and conversation are often shared via email, chat or text.

Colorado has tough legislation that targets sexual exploitation of children that occurs over electronic media.

When consenting adults privately send images and exchange in conversation, it is not a crime.

However, when children are involved in the exchanges, it could lead to the charge of internet sexual exploitation of a child.

For instance, an instant message over Gmail chat with sexually explicit conduct and asking to meet is a crime if sent to a child younger than 15.


The communication can be sent by internet, text or instant message.

If they don't want a message to hang around, they'll use a temporary app such as This so-called "narrowcasting" (as opposed to broadcasting) is probably a positive trend and prevents some oversharing.

But it doesn't mean teens can't still get themselves in trouble.

Similar to any other sexual offense, the consequences for these internet sex crimes are serious and life altering.

A conviction can carry prison time, lengthy probation and fines.

The electronic transfer of sexually graphic images with a minor under age 15 will result in a charge of sexual exploitation.


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