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If, upon your initial duty to register as a sex offender, you have not remained in one location for a period of five days, you must report to the agency in which you are physically present on the fifth working day following your order to register in order to fulfill your obligation under Penal Code 290.If you move into a residence, you have five working days to report your new address to your local law enforcement agency.


The Alaska Sex Offender Registration Act requires anyone convicted of a sex offense or child kidnapping to register personal information, including their place of employment and residential address, into a statewide public database. Doe, who moved to Alaska three years after being convicted of aggravated sexual battery in Virginia in 2000, also argued that the state didn’t have legal jurisdiction to make him register because his crime was committed in a different state.While the court ruled that the state does, in fact, have the right to require out-of-state offenders to register, it found the registry law too sweeping, penalizing rehabilitated sex offenders without offering them any relief from the registry’s consequences.


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