Edelsten dating scandal


I started kissing them both, clothes off, and then, from nowhere, they pulled a bed out of the wall! After the trio had sex, Warne left the apartment at 2.30am and drove to the cricket ground.

He slept in his car for a few hours before playing, and took seven wickets in his Hampshire side’s win over Middlesex.

Shortly after, Hurley tweeted: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!

Remember, love is like a rollercoaster ride- sometimes it’s exhilarating but sometimes you feel sick and want to get off.’ However, Warne and Hurley managed to move past the allegations, staying together until their split in late 2013.

After a series of high-profile romps, he tried to get back with Simone but accidentally sent her a saucy text which was meant for a different woman.

In 2006, Warne, then 36, was playing a county cricket game in England when he was sent a text inviting him to meet with 25-year-old Coralie Eichholtz and her friend Emma Kearney, 25.

Warne emerged from his home holding golf clubs as he walked to his car after the raunchy session.

In 2000, he lost the Australia vice-captaincy for sending erotic texts to a British nurse while he was a father and married to wife Simone.

Coming off the field, Warne said he was ‘tired out’.



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