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This shows what the country reported about the existence of national actions plans addressing different types of violence, social and educational policies, and specific laws regulating firearms and alcohol.

The information is from the WHO Global status report on violence prevention 2014.

Also attending summer Koranic classes is Fatouma, a second-year student, from the nearby village of Asseyla.

Its human poverty index places it in the 55 th position among 95 developing countries for which the index has been calculated, and 42 per cent of its population live in extreme poverty.

Maybe Aisha and many like her will get that chance after all.

Holding LLB from University of Hargeisa and Master’s Degree (LLM) in International Trade and Investment Law in Africa from University of Pretoria, South Africa and is currently a PHD Candidate. Dahir is employed as a Senior Legal Advisor of the Somaliland House of Representatives [Parliament].

Yet despite this gloomy picture there is still cause for optimism.

After all, Djibouti has made significant strides over the past few years.While the government estimates the population at 630,000, the United Nations gives an estimate of 500,000, which would raise the enrolment rate to up to 80 per cent.


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