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Originally produced (1928) and directed by Arthur Hopkins. Music by Sigmund Romberg (Portrayed by Jose Ferrer in the 1954 biopic, "Deep in My Heart") and Harry Carroll. Originally produced (1959) by Joel Spector and Sylvia Harris and directed by Jerome Chodorov. Maloney's Delemma [sic.] : or "Come Down and We'll Make It Pleasant for You" produced by Pat Maloney's Irish Comedy Company at Blanchard's Opera House (Montpelier, VT - 1888) starring Pat Maloney, Will Yeager, Maude Werner, Bosa Hatch, etc. Produced by the Equity Players at the 48th Street Theatre (NYC - 1922) starring Jane Cowl (Through the courtesy of Selwyn and Company), Jessie Ralph, Rollo Peters, John Parrish, etc. Mamba's Daughter : Book by Dorothy and Du Bose Heyward (Based on the novel by Du Bose Heyward). Originally produced (1930) by The Professional Players and directed by H. Man In The Dog Suit, The : "A Comedy" by Albert Beich and William H. Various productions (1957 - 71) starring Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Cathleen Nesbitt, Clinton Sundberg, Carmen Mathews, Carol Murphy, Jack Dunathan, Linda Swartz, Tom Hatten, Richard Darrow, James Odom, Jenna Mc Mahon (Award winning writer - "The Carol Burnett Show," "Soap," etc.), Marjorie Bennett, Jayne Carvel, Hank Stohl, etc. Produced by the Forum Laboratory of the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum (Los Angeles - 1977) starring Russell Johnson ("The Professor" on television's "Gilligan's Island"), Bill Irwin, Barry Brown, etc. Mandarin, The : "A Play of Another World" by Herman Bernstein. Various productions (1899 - 1900) starring Charles Walcot, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Mary Mannering, Alison Skipworth, Cyril Maude, Winifred Emery, etc. Brandt at the Forrest Theatre (NYC - 1943) starring Eddie Dowling, Wendell Corey, Lorraine Mac Martin, Howard Smith, etc. Manhatters, The : "An Intimate Musical Review" with sketches by Alene Erlanger and George S. Langdon and Eric Hudson at the Bastable Theatre (Syracuse, NY - No date) starring Theodore Babcock, Duncan Preston, Thad Shine, Herman Hirshberg, Blanche Douglass, etc. Man's Estate : Book by Beatrice Blackmar and Bruce Gould. Shubert at various theatres (1910 -11) starring Mary Mannering, Ruth Holt Boucicault, Helen Ormsbee, Ernest Perrin, Mark Short, etc. Manor Of North Stead, The : Book by William Douglas Home. Various productions (1897 - 1918) starring John Drew, Arthur Byron, Graham Henderson, Isabel Irving, Elsie De Wolfe, Henry Miller, Ruth Chatterton, Lowell Sherman, Billie Burke (Wife of Florenz Ziegfeld), Lucile Watson, Frank Kemble Cooper, Lewis Sealy, Cyril Maude, Sydney Valentine, Winifred Emery, Sutton Barnes, etc. Produced by Sol Hurok and "Theatre De France" at New York City Center (1964) starring Madeleine Renaud, Jean-Louis Barrault, Luis Masson, Simone Valere, Denise Benoit, etc. Various productions (1902 - 14) starring Marie Tempest, Leonard Boyne, Gilbert Hare, Ellis Jeffreys (By Kind Permission of Mr. on television,), Bill Glover, Edward Andrews, Nan Martin, Helen Page Camp, etc. Marriage Of Reason, A : "The New Modern Comedy' by J. Produced by Klaw and Erlanger at Wallack's Theatre (NYC - 1907) starring Kyrle Bellew, Fannie Ward, Julia Dean, Margaret Fuller, Frederic De Belleville, Conway Tearle, Lord Delcombe, etc. Produced at the Rockford Opera House (Illinois - c. Mc Sorley's Twins : "The Merry-Go -Round of Fun" by Wilmer and Vincent. Produced at various theatres (1975 - 76) starring Linda Hopkins as "Bessie Smith," Thomas M. Wife of Bob Fosse), Ray Walston ("Damn Yankees" on Broadway, "South Pacific," "The Apartment," "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," etc. Original 1986 production directed by Mike Ockrent and choreographed by Gillian Gregory. Produced at the Bastable Theatre (Syracuse, NY - No date) starring George Bickel, Harry Watson, Jr., Ed Lee Wrothe, Gertrude Hoffman, etc. Me Nobody Knows, The : Book by Herb Schapiro (Based on the book edited by Stephen M. Various productions (1928 - 94) starring Zita Johann (Wife of John Houseman), Jean Adair, Zenaide Ziegfeld, Clark Gable, John Hanley, Dolores Sutton, Vincent Gardenia, Art Smith, Florence Stanley, Gerald O' Loughlin, Renee Taylor, William Macy, etc. Produced by The Knickerbocker Players at the Empire Theatre (Syracuse, NY - 1920) starring Minna Gombell, Walter Gilbert, Ralph Murphy, Ernest Cossart, William Goat, Adelaide Hibbard, etc. Originally produced (1946) and directed by Arthur Hopkins. Tarkington) : "A New American Comedy" by Booth Tarkington. Aarons at various theatres (1923) starring Leo Carrillo, Helen Flint, J. Hutchinson, John Rutherford, Ethel Wilson, Josephine Royle, John Mellon, etc. Maid In America : "A Revusical Production " with book and lyrics by Harold Atteridge. 1942) starring Valerie Fisher, Paul Mikota, Frank Pacelli, etc. "Added Intermission Specialty - Walter Cobb's Kentucky Blue Grass Boys"). Various productions (1959 - 61) starring Sam Levene ("Guy and Dolls"), Neva Patterson, Ralph Dunn, Conrad Janis ("Mork and Mindy"), Ty Perry, Ann Wedgeworth, Joy Harmon, Howard Freeman, Nelly Talbot, Phillip Pruneau, Leonard Frey ("The Boys in the Band," "Fiddler on the Roof," etc.), Margaret Janney, etc. Originally produced (1940) and directed by Herman Shumlin. (Translated from the Spanish of Serafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero). Various productions (1930 - 41) starring Frances Ruttledge, Paul Gill, Isabel Jeans, Leslie Banks, Ralph Forbes, Betty Furness, Ruth Thane Mc Devitt, Anthony Kemble Cooper, etc. Produced in 1941 by Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson ("Hellzapoppin") and directed by James Neilson. Mandrake, The : Book by Niccolo Machiavelli (Translated by Wallace Shawn). Produced by Joseph Papp at The Other Stage/Public Theater (NYC - No date) starring Tom Costello, Larry Pine, Wallace Shawn (Star of the film, "My Dinner with Andre"), Corinne Fischer, James Lally, etc. Maneuvers Of Jane, The : Book by Henry Arthur Jones. Man's Enemy : "The Dramatic Event of the Year" by Charles H. Wesley Mc Kee, Stanley Wood, George Sklar, Frederick Burleigh, Jean Topart, Marie Casares, Georges Wilson, Philippe Noiret, etc. 1969) starring Anna Shaler, Dean Santoro, Vincent Baggetta (Star of television's "The Eddie Capra Mysteries"), Joan Shepard, Gwyda Donhowe, etc. Produced by The Punch and Judy Theatre Company (NYC - No date) starring Charles Hopkins, John Edward Emery, Louise Closser Hale, Vera Pole, Charles Hampden, Linda Bolton, etc. Marriage Of Convenience, A : Book by Sydney Grundy (From the French of Dumas). Marriage Of Kitty, The : Book by Cosmo Gordon Lennox (From the French of Fred De Gresac and Francis De Croisset). Louis - 1917) starring Frank Francis, Esther Evans, Wanda Ludlow, Rose Lamareaux, etc. Dumas with the author's full consent and approval."). Me And Bessie : Book by Will Holt and Linda Hopkins. Me And Juliet : "A New Musical Comedy" with book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd. Various productions (1954 - 55) starring Isabel Bigley ("Guys and Dolls," etc), Bill Hayes (His recording of "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" was a # 1 hit in 1955), Joan Mc Cracken (Star of "Oklahoma". Irving, Jane Connell ("Agnes Gooch" in the Broadway and film productions of "Mame"), Justine Johnston, Bruce Adler (Son of Julius Adler and Henrietta Jacobson - stars of the Yiddish theatre), Michele Ragusa, James Brennan, Judy Blazer, Jay Garner, Sylvia O' Brien, Nick Ullett, Walter Charles, Dee Hoty, etc. Songs include: "All Aboard," "The Self Made Man," "The Worst Woman on the Stage," "My Bonita Conchita," "Song of Nations," "My Yukon Belle," etc.


Various productions (1988 - 90) starring John Rubinstein, George N. Songs include: "Dancing Queen," "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do," "Mamma Mia," "S. S.," "Take a Chance on Me," "The Winner Takes It All," etc. Abelos, William Burress, Harry Kelly, Olive Wallace, Lillian Stanford, etc. Produced at the Royal Court Theatre (London - No date) starring Robert Pateman, Joseph Tapley, Lawrence Grossmith, Arthur Playfair, Florrie Wilson, etc. at the Ritz Theatre (NYC - 1921) starring Deems Taylor, Ernest Hunter, Austin Strong, George Mitchell and Henry Clapp Smith. Various productions (1963 - 2011) starring Charles Boyer, Austin Willis, Jane Downs, William Smithers, Louise Sorel, Geoffrey Keen, Barry Justice, Frank Langella, Adam Driver, Francesca Faridany, Zach Grenier, Brian Hutchison, Virginia Kull, Michael Siberry, etc. Smelko, Isa Thomas, Polly Holliday ("Flo" on television's "Alice"), Jack Masters, Robert Harris, Dick O' Neill, Jeff Morrow, Robert Donley, Leonard Rossiter (Star of "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin" on BBC TV), Frank Shelley, Dan Jesse, Thomas C. Songs include: "I, Don Quixote," "Dulcinea," "I'm Only Thinking of Him," "Little Bird, Little Bird," "The Impossible Dream (The Quest)". Man Of The Hour, The : "A Modern Play" by George Broadhurst. Produced at the Shubert-Princess Theatre (Chicago - No date) starring Howard Hall as "Abraham Lincoln". Produced at the Madison Square Theatre (NYC - 1889 - 90) starring Maurice Barrymore (Patriach of the Barrymore acting family), Walden Ramsey, Henry Woodruff and Nannie Craddock. Dwight Rogers, Walsh Baldwin, Mary Nash, Dudley Clements, Nick Long, William Masson, etc. Mooney" on television's "The Lucy Show"), Frances Reid, Ezra Stone (Radio's "Henry Aldrich"), Betty Linn, Jack Collins, John Bailey, Alexander Woolcott (Portraying "Sheridan Whiteside," a character based on himself), Erik Rhodes, Minnie Dupree, Lyle Bettger, Sidney Stone, Clifton Webb, Barry Sullivan, Dale Bugos, Bennett Stephens, George Lessey, Hubert Harper, Mark Hammer, Elizabeth Ashley, June Barrie, Harold Innocent, Peter Postlethwaite, Peggy Mondo, Charles Crowley, Roscoe Lee Browne, Bruce Weitz (Co- star of television's "Hill Street Blues"), Paul Casella, Norman Ferdinand, Virginia Hammond, George Brengel, etc. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein (Uncle of Oscar Hammerstein II) and L. Songs include: ""The Love Nest," "Every Time I Meet a Lady', "That May Have Satisfied Grandma," "When a Woman Exits Laughing," "Mary" (by George M. Mary Goes First : "A New and Original Comedy" by Henry Arthur Jones. Mary Jane's Pa : "A Comedy Drama" by Edith Ellis Barker. Produced by the Theatre Guild at various theatres (1933 - 54) starring Helen Hayes, Philip Merivale, Helen Menken (Wife of Humphrey Bogart), Cecil Holm, Moroni Olsen, Leona Powers, George Coulouris, Anthony Kemble-Cooper, Ernest Lawford, Percy Waram, Philip Foster, Ian Keith, Pauline Frederick, Stanley Ridges, Kent Smith, Edith Meiser, Max Latham, Anthony Zappa, etc. The 1954 revival was produced by Richard Aldrich and directed by John Stix. on film), Peter Weil, Eva Le Gallienne, Signe Hasso, Staats Cotsworth, Patrick Waddington, Sydney Walker, Adelaide Ristori, Kate Clifton, Claire Scott, Nelson George, S. Coburn, Gwen Watford, Leonard Rossiter (Star of "The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin" on BBC television), Norman Tyrrell, Faye Emerson (Wife of Elliott Roosevelt, the son of FDR. Produced by Arnold Mittelman at the Coconut Grove Playhouse (Miami, FL - 1989) starring Peter Anthony, Jr., Ray Frewen, K. Lupp, Seth Swoboda, Tony Lillo, Ronald Keaton, etc. Matchmaker, The : "Comedy" by Thornton Wilder ("Hello, Dolly" is the musical version of this play). Matinee Hero, The : "An Original Play" by Leo Ditrichstein and A. Produced by Elliot Martin at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - 1965) starring Van Johnson, J. Cannon, Marian Winters, Richard Mulligan, Paul Sorvino, Rick Lenz, etc. Produced by Erni Brown at the East End Theatre (NYC - c. According to her twitter account, not only she earns but also spent high amount of money in shopping and fun with friends.In her twitter account, she is seen wearing expensive fashion wears and ornaments. Produced by John Bowab at the ANTA Theatre (NYC - 1968) starring Shirley Jones, Jack Cassidy, Robert Kaye, Jennifer Darling, Robert Mandan ("Soap"), Irene Cara ("Fame"), etc. Magistrate, The : "An Original Farcical Comedy" by Arthur W. Various productions (1885 - 1986) starring Ada Rehan, Tyrone Power (Father of the film star), William Griffith, Herbert Gresham, Hobart Bosworth, Percy Haswell, Charles Fisher, John Drew, Otis Skinner, John Wood, May Irwin, Sydney Fletcher, Violet Cooper, Arthur Cecil, Gilbert Trent, Donald Sinden, Mary Howard, Donald Pleasence, Vaughan Glaser, Louis Albion, Roger Llewellyn, John Phillips, etc. Various productions (1946 - 55)starring Louis Calhern (As "Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes"), Sylvia Field, Dorothy Gish, Fleming Ward, Philip Truex, Ed Neibling, etc. Produced by Lester Cutler at the Mansfield Theatre (NYC - 1949) starring Jessie Royce Landis, Jackie Cooper, Bibi Osterwald, Anne Jackson (Wife of Eli Wallach), Julie Harris, Hildy Parks, Frances Bavier ("The Andy Griffith Show"), Brad Dexter ("The Magnificent Seven"), Don Kennedy, etc. Magpie Or The Maid, The : "The Popular Melo-Dramatic Entertainment" produced at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh (1820 - 32). Carroll, Edward Garvie, Jess Caine, May Boley, Adele Rowland, etc. Songs include: "My Egyptain [sic]Queen," "A Congress of Nations in Ragtime," "I'm So Dizzy," "Peculiar Julia," etc. Songs include: "The Typical Opening Chorus," "The Girlie from the Cabaret," "Sister Suzie's Started Syncopation," "There's a Little Bit of Everything on Broadway," "You Can't Get Away from Tipperary," "When Grandma Was a Girl," etc. Produced at the Great Northern Theatre (No location listed - c. Billed with "The Picturesque," "Out of Place," "His First Champagne," "Dominique the Deserter and the Gentleman in Black," etc. Make A Million : "A New Comedy" by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore. Louis" on film), Julie Stevens ("The Romance of Helen Trent" on radio), Ruth Matteson, Martha Scott ("Our Town" on film), Robert Preston, Halliwell Hobbes, Ruth Mc Devitt, Henry Fonda, Helen Carew, Elizabeth Love, Buddy Ebsen, Charles Lang, Dorothy Blackburn, Kay Hubbell, Art Meister, Laura Livingston, Clifford Cothren, Jane Rosinksi, Dion Chesse, June Buisset, George Cary, etc. Originally produced (1962) by The New Repertory Theatre Company and directed by John Hancock. Schulberg and Marian Gering at the Shubert Theatre (New Haven - 1944) starring Ernest Truex, Jerry Wayne, Virginia Mac Waters, Mary Jane Walsh, Jean Darling, Paul Reed, etc. Mary Tudor : "Drama" by Victor Hugo (Translated by George Burnham Ives). Various productions (1932 - 58) starring Cleland Davis, S. Marlowe : "A New Rock Musical" with book and lyrics by Leo Rost. Produced by Tony Conforti at the Rialto Theatre (NYC - 1981) starring Patrick Jude (As "Christopher Marlowe"), Lisa Mordente (Daughter of Chita Rivera and Tony Mordente), Raymond Serra, Steve Hall, Robert Rosen, Lennie Del Duca, Jr. Produced by Noel Weiss and Leonard Soloway at the Gramercy Arts Theatre (NYC - c. Produced by Anmer Hall at the Westminster Theatre (London - 1937 - 38) starring Waldo Wright, Ruth Taylor, Audrey Cameron, Graighall Sherry, etc. Marriage A La Carte : "A Musical Comedy" with book and lyrics by C. Produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company at the Laura Pels Theatre (Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre), NYC (2008) starring Terry Beaver, Heather Burns, Victoria Clark, John Glover, Kate Jennings Grant, Julie Hagerty, Adame Le Fevre, Zoe Lister-Jones, etc. Marriage Of Columbine, The : "A Comedy" by Harold Chapin. Marriage Spectre, The : Book by Alexandre Dumas ("Specially adapted from the Francillon of M. Songs include: "New Orleans Hop Scop Blues," "A Good Man is Hard to Find," "Gimme a Pigfoot," Jazzbo Brown," "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out," etc. Various productions (1986 - 96) starring Jim Dale, Maryann Plunkett, George S. Various productions (1970 - 73) starring Irene Cara ("Fame"), Gerri Dean, Jose Fernandez, Douglas Grant, Northern J. Originally produced (1970) by Jeff Britton, directed by Robert H. Songs include: "Dream Babies," "If I Had a Million Dollars," "I Love What the Girls Have," "Jail-Life Walk," "War Babies," etc. Produced by The American National Theatre and Academy (ANTA)/ The Experimental Theatre, Inc.(No date) starring Margaret Draper, Bobby Nick, Tom Reynolds, Isabel Bonner, etc.

Maggie Flynn : "A New Musical" with book, music and lyrics by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore and George David Weiss in collaboration with Morton Da Costa (Based on an idea by John Flaxman). Songs include: "The Thank You Song," "Maggie Flynn," "I Won't Let It Happen Again," "Never Gonna Make Me Fight," "Pitter Patter," "Mr. Songs include: "Naughty Young Prince," "Chimes of Normandy," "Nobody's Darling," etc. Produced by The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Centre International De Creations Theatrales and The Royal Shakespeare Theatre at the BAM Majestic Theatre (NY - 1987) starring Miriam Goldschmidt, Corinne Jaber, Tam-Sir, Urs Bihler, Richard Fallon, Bruce Myers, Yoshi Oida, etc. Maid And The Mummy, The : "A Musical Melange" with book and lyrics by Richard Carle. Produced by The Carle Amusement Company Enterprise at the Wieting Opera House (Syracuse, NY - No date) starring Richard F. Produced by The Bostonians (No location listed - 1902) starring Frank Rushworth, Grace Van Studdiford, Henry Clay Barnabee, Adele Rafter, Albert Wilder, Belle Harper, etc. Maid Of Cashmere, The : "The Celebrated Ballet Opera" produced at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (London - 1835). Maid Of Honour, The : or "The Siege of Sienna" produced at various theatres in Great Britain (1832 - 40) starring Tyrone Power (Grandfather of the film star) and others. Tripp Edgar, King Fordham, Dora Hole, Ada Potter, Gertrude Templeton, Edith Fenton, etc. Originally produced (1960) by The Theatre Guild and Dore Schary and directed by Dore Schary (President of MGM, 1951- 56). Make Mine A Manhattan : Book by John Murray Anderson. Various productions (1940 - 82) starring Elliott Nugent, Amanda Randolph ("Make Room for Daddy," "Amos and Andy," etc.), Don De Fore ("Hazel"), Leon Ames ("Meet Me in St. Produced at the Selwyn Theatre (NYC - 1927) starring James Norris, Burke Royce, Edward Hale, Doris Vinton, Sally Bates, Raymond Knight, Aida Ward, etc. Various productions (1962 - 68) starring Clifton James, Olympia Dukakis, Ken Kercheval (Co-star of television's "Dallas"), Michael Conrad (Co-star of television's "Hill Street Blues"), David Spielberg, Terry Lomax, Helena Carroll, Charles Durning, Marshall Efron, John Heffernan, Jenny Egan, Michael Granger, David Spielberg, etc. Songs include: "We Are Not Alone," "You've Got to Build Up Your Resistance," "Always Goodbye," "The Pom Pom on Your Hat', etc. Produced by David Belasco at the Belasco Theatre (NYC - 1915) starring Frances Starr, Marie Wainwright, Alice Martin, Sally Williams, Henry Vogel, Paul Stanley, etc. Produced by the Mint Theatre Company (NYC - 2012) starring Rod Brogan, Janie Brookshire, Katie Fabel, Kristin Griffith, Roderick Hill, Julie Jesnick, Patricia Kilgarriff, Graeme Malcolm, Douglas Rees, Erica Swindell, Jill Tanner, etc. Marjolaine : "The New Musical Play" by Catherine Chisholm Cushing (Adapted from "Pomander Walk" by Louis N. France ("The Justly Famous Star"), Harry Fielding, Charles Edwards, Ada West, Harry Lewis, Annie Filson, etc. Marquis De Sade's "Philosophy In The Boudoir," The : Book by Eric Kahane (Translated by Alex Szogyi). Weldon at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Stratford Upon Avon - 1972) starring Glynis Johns ("A Little Night Music" on stage, "Mary Poppins" on film, etc.), Richard Todd, Barry Sinclair, etc. Marriage : "An Utterly Incredible Incident" by Nicolai Gogol. Songs include: "Over the Hills in Monterey', "The Mendocino Stroll," "Hand in Hand," "June Is In the Air," "Irish Husband," "The Futurist Twirl," "I'm Not a Silly Little Billy," "Very Little Time for Loving," etc. The Marriage of Bette and Boo : Book by Christopher Durang. Produced at the Royal Court Theatre (London - 1965) starring Peter Collingwood, Frank Thornton, Lee Montague, Roy Kinnear ("Help," The Three Musketeers," etc. Produced by The Yale University School of the Fine Arts/The Department of Drama at the Yale University Theatre (New Haven - 1927) starring J. Songs include: "Movies Were Movies," "I Won't Send Roses," "I Wanna Make the World Laugh," "When Mabel Comes in the Room," "Time Heals Everything," "Tap Your Troubles Away," "I Promise You a Happy Ending," etc. Produced by Howard Barker, Cynthia Baer and Robert Chambers at the Orpheum Theatre (NYC - 1961) starring Nancy Andrews, Jack Drummond, Cherry Davis, Rod Colbin, etc. Songs include: "Miss Euclid Avenue," "Beat the World," "You I Like," "Beautiful," "Take a Good Look Around," etc. Various productions, adaptations and translations (1937 - 45) starring Rosalinde Fuller, Harold Scott, Constance Cummings, Ernest Cossart, John O' Connor, Hazel Hanna, Ernest Thesiger (Most famous as "Dr. Songs include: "Buy Your Way," "What Has Made the Movies? Madeleine : "New Play" by Jean-Jacques Bernard (Translated by John Leslie Frith). Mademoiselle Colombe : Book by Jean Anouilh (Adapted by Louis Kronenberger). Brady and Ziegfeld at various theatres (1899) starring Aubrey Boucicault, Marie Wainwright, Thomas H. Mitchell, Rose Coghlan, Grace George, Mabel Owens, Louise Beaudet, etc. Music by Victor Herbert (Portrayed by Walter Connolly in the 1939 biopic, "The Great Victor Herbert"). Produced at the Utica Opera House (NY - 1885) starring Lotta Crabtree (Portrayed by Mitzi Gaynor in the 1951 biopic, "Golden Girl"), C. Produced by Oliver Morosco at various theatres (1918) starring Emily Stevens, Frances Underwood, Jerome Patrick, Warburton Gamble, John Wilson, etc. Madly In Love : "A New Comedy" by Ruth Goetz (Adapted from a play by Andre Roussin). Madre : Book by Rafael Marti Orbera (Adapted from the Spanish by Alfred Hickman). Patrick Campbell (Beatrice Stella Tanner), Frank Mills, Bertha Kalich, Mischa Auer, Warburton Gamble, Nance O' Neil, Mc Kee Rankin, Fannie Cannon, etc. Produced by Homer Curran at the Ziegfeld Theatre (NYC - 1948) starring Irra Petina, John Raitt, Dorothy Sarnoff, Hugo Haas, etc. Lee (Based on the novel, "Auntie Mame" by Patrick Dennis and the play by Lawrence and Lee). Various productions (1966 - 95) starring Angela Lansbury, Beatrice Arthur, Jane Connell, Willard Waterman, Randy Kirvy, George Coe, Sab Shimono, Frankie Michaels, Jane Morgan, Anne Francine, Helen Gallagher, Edie Adams (Wife of Ernie Kovacs), Isabelle Farrell, Mark Dawson, Ginger Rogers, Gary Warren, Ann Miller, David Manning, Celeste Holm, Loretta Switt ("MASH"), Wesley Addy (Husband of Celeste Holm), Ruth Gillette, David Huddleston, Vicki Cummings, Priscilla West, Carolyn Caracausa, Stuart Getz, Gretchen Wyler ("Silk Stockings"), Cathryn Damon ("Soap") (Star of "The Great Gildersleeve" on radio from 1950-55), Gordon Connell (Husband of Jane Connell), Cindy Elliott, Richard Cohn, Blythe Branch, John C. Songs include: "It's Today," "Open a New Window," "My Best Girl," "We Need a Little Christmas," "Mame," "Bosom Buddies," "If He Walked Into My Life," "That's How Young I Feel," etc. : "Farcical Comedy" by Sydney Grundy (Translated from "Les Surprises du Divorce" by arrangement with John Hare). Produced by the Shaw Festival at the Court House Theatre (Niagara -On -The Lake, Ontario - 2012) starring Graeme Somerville, Marla Mc Lean, Sharry Flett, Kate Hennig, Jenny L. Produced by The Yale University School of Drama at the Yale University Theatre (New Haven - 1962) starring Philip Proctor, Janet Sarno, Robert Schumaker, Keith Fowler, Dan Travanti (Star of television's "Hill Street Blues"), Joan Van Ark (Co-star of television's "Knot's Landing"), Joseph Nassif, Walter Reed, etc. Produced at the Lyceum Theatre (Cleveland, Ohio - 1911) starring Vaughan Glaser, Harrison Stedman, James Hester, Frank Wilson, Kathleen Brown, Temperance Reid, Fay Courteney, etc. Various productions (1960 - 71) starring Paul Scofield, Thomas Gomez, George Rose, Albert Dekker ("Dr. Man From Toronto, The : "A Smart Comedy" by Douglas Murray. Man In The Iron Mask, The : "The Romantic Tragedy" by Donald Robertson. Byron Beasley, Charles Dalton, Milton Sills, Lawrence Wood, Jerome Kennedy, etc. Man Of Destiny, The : "Comedy" by George Bernard Shaw. Songs include: "There's Always a Girl Who is Waiting," "The Temporary Widow," "Tootsie Wootsie," "Man Is Faithful Till He's Caught," etc. Ralph Waite (Co-star of television's "The Waltons"), etc. March Hares : "A Fantastic Satire" by Harry Wagstaff Gribble. Wagner at the Little Theatre (NYC - 1928) starring Richard Bird, Vivian Tobin, Natalie Schafer ("Mrs. Produced by Richard Aldrich (Portrayed by Richard Crenna in the 1968 biopic of Gertrude Lawrence, "Star") and Richard Meyers at various theatres (1940) starring Sheldon Leonard (Famed character actor and legendary television producer - "Make Room for Daddy," "The Andy Griffith Show," "I Spy," etc.), John Mc Kee, Doris Dudley, Alexander Clark, Don Terry, Bert Lytell, Otto L. Marry At Leisure : "A New Light Comedy" by Frank Vosper. Marry In Haste : "A New Romantic Farce" by Anna Nichols. Fiske (Minnie Maddern Fiske), Winifred Fraser, Nora Swinburne, C. Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong : "A Musical Entertainment" by Joan Micklin Silver. Maybe Tuesday : "A New Comedy" by Mel Tolkin and Lucille Kallen. Produced by Frederick Harrison at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket (London - 1916) starring Henry Ainley, Ivor Barnard, Leon Quartermaine, May Bolland, Roland Pertwee, Richard Lindsay, etc. Mc Fadden's Flats : "The Comedy that Made Millions Laugh" by E.



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