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I was like 8 or 9 when it came out and I remember this movie being popular then and seeing commercials for it all the time and my parents seeing it. I eat fairly healthy, wash my face every day, moisturize, and tone with witch hazel. Do you wonder about magic, voodoo or other ritual practices possibly being real? I’ve read about mystical philosophies (shamanism, gnosticism, Jewish mysticism) all my adult life because I innately wonder at what level some of these things might be real, although I have seen no evidence of any of them being real.

I know it made Salma Hayek a big star and household name, and I see why. The scene where we first see her walking on the sidewalk toward Antonio Banderas, wow. I don't get zits, but no matter what I do, I get recurrent blackheads, and they're only on my nose. My sister and other people I know have told me matter of factly that they’ve seen ghosts, and my dad, who is a totally non-woo-woo retired Navy man, recently told me he and my late mom saw a UFO in the early 80s. A muslim girl who likes girls and I are getting hitched because the family is loaded.

“I don’t know how he does it, but he really is charismatic.”Huntington, LI, resident Lupi — who previously worked at Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s doing clothing alterations — is praised for “turning a mid-level job into a profession,” said the gallery owner.

He always introduces himself by name and hands out his number to customers.



In fact, the strapping 28-year-old former model is so beloved that customers along his five-block route throw a fit every time he’s temporarily transferred, ­going so far as to complain to his manager.“We want Anthony and no one else,” said one of the complainants, who owns a prominent gallery on West Broadway but wished to stay anonymous.

“She said ‘You’re such a handsome young man, I wish there were more like you when I was young.’ ”Another time, a group of bachelorettes begged him to go dancing with them after his shift.“People love the uniform,” said the driver, who’s been with UPS for five years.

“I also get a lot of ‘package’ innuendos.”The problems come any time UPS hires a new courier for downtown Manhattan — Lupi’s route, which stretches north to south from West Houston to Spring Street and east to west Greene Street to West Broadway, is often used as a training ground.

The most common catcall he gets is “bend and snap,” a reference to a scene in “Legally Blonde” when a female character learns an alluring move to help her woo a UPS guy.

But Lupi doesn’t really get it.“All I think is, ‘That’s not a good way to lift a package.’ ”Screenshots of an alleged private chat between Aaron Schock and a man by the name of Edwin Montanez have surfaced online and they offer new insight into the disgraced ex-lawmaker’s recent string of scandals. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices.


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