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Although Rembielinski did fill out parts of the right hand compass circle and some of the lines, which the 1883 photograph shows were not present even before the conservation exercise, he was meticulous in carefully outlining the vellum loss by means of a faint line.The irregular shapes formed by the original gaps match exactly those that show up clearly in the 1883 photographs.However, as far as I know, no formal statement has been released or published by the Bibliothque nationale de France.While obviously significant, this finding does not provide conclusive proof of the chart's very early date.There is no justification for taking the mid-point within that century-long window.But nor is a 1270 date for the chart tenable, because of its inclusion of Palamos, founded in 1279.Nevertheless, that remains the latest datable historical reference so far identified on the Carte Pisane.4 January 2018 The Carte Pisane was the subject of multi-spectral analysis by the Bibliothque nationale de France in December 2018.



26 December 2018 The Carte Pisane's vellum has been submitted to Carbon-14 testing.It was recently noticed that the first issue of Imago Mundi (1935) included a fold-out photograph of the Carte Pisane.


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