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In the coming months, Messenger also plans to add a sharp-looking dark mode.

Of course, the chats themselves are still laden with features.

(Facebook says it initially removed stories from the people tab, but the test group demanded that they return. ) The final tab is called “discover,” and it’s where you’ll find businesses and games in a section labeled “for you.” In theory these are personalized, but in practice I have found them irrelevant.The new Messenger, which Facebook previewed in May at its developer conference, consolidates what once occupied nine tabs into three. The big photo / video button on the bottom is gone; it has been replaced by a smaller camera icon next to the icon for sending a new text message.The central tab is called “people,” and it serves as a phone book.Their goal is to build a large business around the commoditized (and expensive to run) world of messaging apps. Moreover, while users may complain generally about Messenger’s feature bloat, the app is used by more than 1.3 billion people a month.


At that scale, every feature is used by many millions of people.

While all those extra widgets are still present in the app, they’ve mostly been hidden away in spots where you can safely ignore them.


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