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This is the fundamental etiquette in swinging, the right to say ‘no’.

It is simple and straightforward, and polite to say ‘no, thank you’. Any sort of drugs will not be tolerated in any way. It is up to us to protect ourselves as well as our partners. Discretion so what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza. Unless your valuables, money and documents are not stored in the lockers we cannot guarantee their safety.

Here at the Mature Swingers Club, you will get connected with hot, flirty matures that want naughty, saucy fun. Join the Mature Swingers Club, create your profile and start searching for naughty matures. The Mature Swingers Club is safe and secure - we never share your personal details with anyone.

Participate in a mature swingers party that will make you want more! Be part of the exclusive club and meet the horniest swingers around! You will gain access to private messaging, videos, photos and forums - find swinging couples near you! You are a sexy mature, and our members want you now.

Opt to become an exclusive club member and ‘Mature Swingers Club’ won’t show up on your bank - no one will know what you are doing.

We have a great customer service team that will make your experience exceptional.

If you play with another partner, please wash up before playing with another.



Los clientes que llegan borrachos no se les permite entrar.

Les invités ivres seront invités à quitter le club. Pour les possibles incidents pas faciles à nettoyer, s'il vous plaît informer quelqu'un du personnel. Plus important encore, passer un bon moment, agir sur vos fantasmes, explorer votre propre sexualité et profiter de tout ce mode de vie a à offrir avec enthousiasme, de rire et une attitude positive 1. Cualquier tipo de narcótico no se tolerará de ninguna manera. El club dispone de duchas que puedes usar, y hay toallas disponibles.

Jetez les préservatifs, leurs emballages et les mouchoirs dans une poubelle. Si juegas con otro socio, se tiene que limpiar se antes de jugar con otro. Depende de nosotros para protegernos a nosotros mismos y nuestros socios.

It smelled like department store perfume and old clothes.

Dating swingerclub are comfortable talking about anything without judgment, defensiveness or criticism and with mutual respect for differences best boston escorts seek understanding. Thank you for being apart of this experience with us. We are back again with another episode of the Escorts cape cod Podcast. Vous êtes prié de les traiter avec respect et courtoisie. Nous avons le droit de refuser l'entrée à toute personne à tout moment. Quand vous avez fini d'utiliser un coin câlin, n’oubliez de nettoyer derrière vous.


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