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You don’t have to give yourself puffed-up pep talks or phony flattery–just be intentional about telling yourself the truth: “Yes, I am grieving a great loss, but I’ll get through this and go on to experience happiness and joy again.” Lean on those who love you. After all, suffering in silence only prolongs the pain. Let them surround you with support, share your burdens, and bolster your self-esteem.

When feeling down and depressed, most of us just want to crawl in our cave and lick our wounds. On the journey toward finding lifelong love, nearly everyone will experience heartache and hurt.

This is the best way to remove some pressure on you. As soon as the date begins, things start to go wrong. You will love the moment (thanks God, rock and roll is here to stay).

That guy will find himself in one of those 5 boxes. The time to discover his taste, his dream, is hope. Unfortunately, this is the kind of mind frame when we date someone the first time. Today, we are only evaluating things and people with the results we get from them. “But Jo, it’s not easy to think about having fun when you feel like you are dating morons after morons.” OK, here’s one idea: try to switch your mindset form “I look for the one” to “I want to know who’s that guy”. The man’s only occupation, besides his job, is to play pool and drink beer with his friend. Think about it: it doesn’t matter if the man is not the right one, if he’s boring.

Exercise is one of the best ways to experience the rush of endorphins. Go jogging, take a long bike ride, or hike in the hills. Maybe someday it will be helpful to meander—and mourn—down memory lane.

Have fun and one day you will find that man: the guy who could be the right boyfriend for you (and who knows, the right husband). And the worst is that, doing so, you forget something very important: You forget the golden rule of dating. It’s the ideal moment to know more about the other one. The great philosopher warned us about the tendency to use people as a mean. First, pay attention to the way you think and remind yourself this: as dating is concerned, all the fun is in the journey. And having fun in the process is the best way to not get burned while you are looking for your man. ” I mean, if you love rock music and you have the chance to go with your new date to a free outside rock concert, you may hit two targets with one stone. You will not make any money with that.” My sister still can’t believe her ears. Another good way to have fun in the date is to ask yourself this question: “What do I want to do anyway? It’s easy to give free reign to your inner Eeyore, but now’s the time to silence those dreary declarations.

The next time you find yourself thinking “I can’t go on without this person in my life” or “There must be something wrong with me,” make a conscious decision to rewrite the script.

Just depends on when it fails This stuff matters, treat it as so. Don’t believe improvisation is a strategy, it WILL kill you when it matters. But if you have a team or a family relying on you to do your job, you just screwed them too. It is truth, when people think you are crazy, they WILL leave you alone. Consider your outer rep and persona, you might be missing some great people along the way. If something you buy saves you aggravation and frustration later it’s probably worth it.


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