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From north to south, three semienclosed continental shelf marginal seas (the Bohai, Yellow, and East China seas) surround the land boundary and form the north–south oriented coastline.With sea level rise and fall, transgression and regression have alternately shifted the coastal belts.During the 1960s and 70s, the Oxford University Research Laboratory for Archaeology and History of Art led in the development of TL as a method of dating archaeological materials.

In the same way, more or less, OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dating measures the last time an object was exposed to sunlight.

It is speculated that sedimentation within the study area since the LGM might have been related to sea level change, delta initiation, and incised-valley fill processes.

East China is close to an extensive coastal sedimentary environment.

This study investigated the applicability of optical dating, using coarse-grained quartz, to provide a chronology of these sediments.


A 150-m-long drilling core (YZ07) was retrieved from the southwest coast of the SYS on the northern flank of the Yangtze River delta.

Electrons from these substances get trapped in the mineral's crystalline structure, and continuing exposure of the rocks to these elements over time leads to predictable increases in the number of electrons caught in the matrices.


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