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The following quote from an 1883 article in "The Chester Times", Chester, PA. * "If your pieces are of good size, and all fresh and handsome, one way is to cut out blocks of cotton cloth, either square or diamond-shape.Cut enough blocks to make the quilt the desired size, then paste on the pieces of silk, satin, or velvet; lap the edges and turn the upper one under; then cover every seam with feather-stitch, cross-stitch, or any fancy stitch you can invent.Although crazy style quilts may appear haphazard they were carefully planned.


Crazy quilts occasionally included embroidered verses and information recording family events.

Creativity was wide open with women sewing asymmetrical pieces of fabric together in abstract arrangements.

This enthusiasm for this quilting fad continued until about 1910.

Often times quilts may be made with fabrics that cover a long period of, remember...


Women were eager to incorporate this new look into their quilts and with the help of popular women's magazines the making of crazy quilts became quite the rage.Using silk thread, women placed lovely decorative stitches on each seam.


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