Dating mishaps

I was really exasperated by the end of the date, especially when I was going to the bathroom and he wanted to hold my hand why we walk there...

After that it went better so I agreed to a second date and he decides he wants us to pray before our meal just to hold my hands and when I said no he insisted on it persistently.

When I gently reminded him that I told him I don't eat seafood he replies with "I know, but today is the day you LEARN!

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Isn’t a Part One and Part Two incredibly dramatic??

The one thing I always try to hold true to is to never regret relationships. _______________________________ 2010 was a dating disaster.

:)"After handing him said rubbing alcohol (out of some serious wtf curiosity), he proceeds to put the sausage on one of my plates, pour the alcohol OVER the sausage, LIGHTS THE SAUSAGE ON FIRE, then proceed to smile at me with a "ouu i'm so cool" look whereas i'm thinking "DUDE. I didn't think it could get worse but it did, with the whole Rubbing Alcohol on chorizo. That has to be one of the most asinine cooking fuckups I've heard yet. We have this type of clay "plates" where we put rubbing alcohol at the bottom and the chorizo over.

There was no second date. Nearly lost it at the ' Shrimp Ring'. To be fair, in Portugal we kinda do this to chorizo and it's awesome.

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Was it because I wanted to believe that a stranger could walk up to me at the footy and say "your , can I have your number", and it end in true love?


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