Dating game tv set


From six-foot-tall heartthrobs (Jon Hamm, Tom Selleck) to chart-topping musicians (Joey Fatone, Lady Gaga) to -V-necked game show hosts (Simon Cowell), the game shows of yore have proven a veritable breeding ground for A-list talent.In other words, if you’re a casting director, get thee to a game show set, stat. Here, you’ll find 20 celebs who catapulted their careers off the backs of good-hearted competition.The aim of the show is for a man to try and get one of 30 women to agree to go on a date with him.SABC1's portfolio marketing manager for entertainment, Dichaba Phalatse says Phat Joe Kambule's "ability to connect with people and vast experience made him the natural selection" to host Take Me Out and that SABC1 is "excited" to see him"running around 30 single ladies helping them select a perfect date".

, and you might just come across an episode starring Steve Martin.

Unfortunately, Fatone lost for his team when he incorrectly identified Abe Lincoln as a Democrat, but at least all of his team members can now say that they once went on a game show with someone famous. Today, Thomas Magnum hardly needs help with the ladies—but way back when, the young Magnum P.


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