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Includes social media sites, open source software, and peer-produced services, such as Skype and Bit Torrent, where the participation of users provide the infrastructure and computational resources that enable the service., too, and these are also considered to be part of Web 2.0.Skype and Bit Torrent leverage users’ computers instead of a central IT resource to forward phone calls and video.Table 7.1 "Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0" lists several examples typically considered to fall under the Web 2.0 classification (a term coined by publisher and pundit Tim O’Reilly), and each is offered alongside its first-generation Internet counterpart.

After going through both sections you should have a solid overview of major social technologies, how businesses are leveraging them, and how firms can organize for effective use while avoiding pitfalls.

When technology moves that quickly, even some of the world’s most preeminent thought leaders can be sideswiped.

Consider that when management guru Michael Porter wrote a piece titled “Strategy and the Internet” at the end of the dot-com bubble, he lamented the high cost of building brand online, questioned the power of network effects, and cast a skeptical eye on ad-supported revenue models.

Blogging can have significant appeal for an organization looking to be heard.

Corporations that blog can enjoy from readers via comments.This ability saves their sponsors the substantial cost of servers, storage, and bandwidth.


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