Dating current lebanon

In May 2019, the Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri’s coalition government's planned budget cuts aiming at reducing the country’s deficit by cutting wages and benefits of public sector employees, sparked protests and a wave of public discontent.On 20th May 2019, anti-austerity measures protests took place in Beirut, gathering over 100 protesters including groups who are expected to be hit hardest by the budget cuts such as public servants, teachers and military veterans.After breakfast we'll make our way to the National Museum, starting here we can begin to understand the civilisations that have shaped Lebanon.The museum is located at the end of the Green Line, this line divided the city during the civil war and for those 15 years the museum was closed, its facade suffering serious damage throughout the conflict.As the Cabinet met for its 16th session to reach agreement on controversial budget cuts, protesters gathered outside the Government House in Beirut shouting "Thieves, thieves! There were reports of protesters pushing back against police lines, setting fire to tires and clashing with police.The security forces used water cannons to disperse the protesters.



On 11 April 2019, the Military Prosecutor announced that he would not prosecute Shamseddine.According to media reports, at least two policemen and one civilian were wounded in the clashes.Footage of the clashes can be seen in the video below.Despite the positive news that Shamseddine’s imprisonment sentence has been dropped, the case sends a chilling message to all those that dare to criticise the security agencies.

In fact, Shamseddine’s case is the latest in a "growing list" of legal actions taken against journalists for exercising free speech.Additionally, a number of peaceful assemblies were held earlier in the year calling for reforms to end discriminatory laws and practices.


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