Dating boyfriend pet names what to write on headline for dating profile

Quirky Boy – He might be odd, but he’s your quirky boy. Robin Hood – The ideal pet name for someone who always tries to go the right thing. Rockstar – What you should call your musician boyfriend. Shortie – He’s your shortie, there’s no denying it.

Quake – Because the earth shakes when he looks at you. Shy Guy – If your boyfriend’s a shrinking violet, this might be the pet name for him.

My Love – A sweet and meaningful name for your boyfriend.



Foxy – A cute name to use for a guy who gets you going.Fruit Loops – A boy who’s sweet, fun and a little bit crazy. G-Man – He may not work for the FBI, but he is a gorgeous man! Gum Shoe – For that wanna-be detective in your life. Heart Breaker – Your guy might be a regular heart breaker, just make sure he treats you right. Knave – Call your boyfriend a knave if he’s a little bit naughty.


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