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Before their separation, Greenburg served as Sharon’s line producer on the 1986 American comedy-drama Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold. At that time, she was about thirty years of age and was still married to Michael Greenburg.

The two, however, separated after Bochner referred to her as ‘the anti-christ’ on numerous occasions.

She has since played leading and supporting roles in major and minor films.

So many initially questioned the sexuality of the star actress since she played the role of a bisexual serial killer in But further investigation into her private life has brought many to the conclusion that she is straight based on the fact that she has only dated and married the opposite gender.

It was followed by a report in late 1995 when Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary, requested for a presidential aide after she received information that Sharon would be a star guest at a Clinton fundraising dinner.

Ironically Sharon still got her way to Clinton’s side at the event.

She continued until ten years after making her movie debut to get the recognition she very well craved for.

Unfortunately, it became one of her most failed marriages.She won a writing scholarship to study at the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and majored in creative writing and fine arts.It was at the university that she first contested and emerged as the winner of the Pennsylvania beauty pageant.The multi-award winning actress who is now one of the most sought after actress in the movie industry is one woman who has had her fair share of men in life.

The experiences the ex-model must have gathered from her unending list of relationships could well qualify her for a job as a relationship counselor on any relationship show.

Her siblings are Kelly Stone, Mike Stone, and Patrick Stone.


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