Dating bases mean

In particular, you may still be able to consider consent or legitimate interests in some cases, depending on the nature of the processing and your relationship with the individual.There is no absolute ban on public authorities using consent or legitimate interests as their lawful basis, although there are some limitations.If you are a public authority and can demonstrate that the processing is to perform your tasks as set down in UK law, then you are able to use the public task basis.But if it is for another purpose, you can still consider another basis.The question is whether the processing is objectively necessary for the stated purpose, not whether it is a necessary part of your chosen methods.The first principle requires that you process all personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.For example, your lawful basis may affect how provisions relating to automated decisions and profiling apply, and if you are relying on legitimate interests you need more detail in your privacy notice.This depends on your specific purposes and the context of the processing.

In other cases you are likely to have a choice between using legitimate interests or consent.

However, it must be more than just useful, and more than just standard practice.


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