Dating age laws in connecticut vegan speed dating los angeles


This is a kid who lives at home and while she may be learning some independence she is not going to be fully there yet.She likely needs her parents permission to do things.She likely doesn't have a steady source of income.While she could be mature for her age and have real responsibilities chances are she has more in common with the average kid her own age.i mean no disrespect towards her, and you sound like you have the best of intentions.I kind of think that the people who make laws in the state of Connecticut had considered that.


Also I find it distasteful to indirectly compare him to a child molester.

Girls your age will likely think you're a creep if they ever find out. I would not be okay with either of my kids dating someone six years older than them while they are that young. If there was only two or three years I would say it was not a big deal. I would worry about her being taken advantage of, even if your intentions were pure.

Her parents will probably be salivating for you to misstep (sending nudes, etc). If they were adults who were established in thier lives then six years would not seem so bad. The relationship is never going to be equal because you are in a place where you are an adult who has automny over your own life. You likely have a job and can do things for yourself and need to do things for yourself.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.State: Connecticut Guy: 22Girl: 16I am not a teacher, coach, or any position of authority over her. We're both interested in each other and talking about spending more time together, and the possibility of dating.


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