Dating a sociopath stories

I found a girl's name (we'll call her Rochelle) whom I'd never heard him talk about before, and I knew everyone in his cell phone.

He had Rochelle's work and cell phone numbers in his phone and I knew the area code was Chicago. I was home from work that day and when he left I felt another urge to do some detective work.

It's been almost a month since I left my ex-boyfriend. We had been dating for a little over a year and living together for 7 months.

We had a lot in common, loved spending time together and laughed a lot. We had amazing chemistry and nothing pleased me more than spending time with him. Back in early October he mentioned a possible job opportunity for him in Chicago.

He even started calling me his \"Little Chicago Girl\". Right after Thanksgiving he got a call to go back out for an interview. When he left for the airport, I told him how much I would miss him and that I hope he does well.

That week I met with my boss and told her about my potential plans.I was so excited to meet his family as he had already been getting to know mine for a year now.Since we were already going out there, he asked me to really look at Chicago as a place to potentially move should he get the job and accept.When he mentioned the Chicago job we had already planned a trip out there and were planning to leave on October 18th.

He was taking me out there to meet his family for the first time and to show me where he came from.I was especially concerned since I knew he was leaving the next day for Chicago again.


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