Dating a professor in graduate school

Holistic review is an evidence-based practice for identifying talent and increasing diversity.

In this workshop, led by nationally recognized experts Professors Julie Posselt and Casey Miller, participants will learn the research basis for holistic review and practical applications to graduate admissions.

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The graduate school website guides prospective students through the online application process.

As a graduate student at Texas Tech, you are an integral part of the educational experience by helping shape your program to match your interests and career goals.

Along the way, you'll have access to state-of the art facilities, including over 80 centers and institutes, an internationally renowned faculty, and comprehensive professional and career development activities.

To learn more, visit the Diversity & Inclusion page.

My Voice, My Story sessions pair video monologues constructed from real experiences of graduate students with facilitated discussions.



This presentation builds upon the implementation of a program designed to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions of faculty who mentor American Indian and Alaska Native graduate students in the STEM fields and is recalibrated for current faculty in other fields as well as those considering academia as a career.(Offered in partnership with CIRTL at Cornell) Workshop Facilitators: Julie R.


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