Confused dating site

He knew exactly what I meant, as he was guilty of committing the ‘stringing someone along’ crime.Of course this is not a male bashing article, because in retrospect, he had also been a victim before.Three dates, three different offenses and one interrogation.


When making a site like that matches millions of different people on millions of different dates, it makes a lot more sense to name all the variables as Truthy by default.So, in Craig's example, Joe would fill in True for is_smoker and True for has_kids in his dating profile, and Heidi would fill out not is_smoker and has_kids as her preferences.Naming things is hard, but generally it's best to name boolean values from the perspective of Truthy. Also, one thing that might help is that the instructors description of it might just be confusing.Therefore if someone is "not is_smoker" then wouldn't that suit her needs? If you look at it like; has_kids and is_smoker Then the code would return True However Heidi does not want to meet a smoker so it wouldn't be a match for her, and True wouldn't really be accurate.


Wouldn't this be more suitable; non_smoker = True has_kids = True non_smoker and has_kids True not non_smoker and has_kids False Am I missing something here? I figured Heidi would want Joe if he's: has_kids and not is_smoker If that returns a False, (which it would, since non_smoker = True), then we're to assume she would "swipe left" for Joe even when they're actually a match?

In Los Angeles, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious offenses are members of an elite squad known as the Special Va-Va Unit. Anise and Marshella commentate the reenactment of real dates that has transpired in Los Angeles.


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