Conducting intimidating noises and gestures

The Library remains vigilant in ensuring patrons act appropriately and are reasonably safe within the library.

In addition to the enforcement of its own policies, the Library reserves the right to enforce restrictions on access to the Library of any person listed on the sexual offender registry as authorized under, and in the manner contemplated by, Tennessee Code Annotated 40-39-216, on a case by case basis when made aware of a problem situation.

California Penal Code § 415 which is similar to the Model Penal Code reiteration above actually concerns disturbing the peace.

However, in California disorderly conduct (California Penal Code § 647) lists what acts constitute disorderly conduct.

Articles 277 to 304 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, revised and promulgated on 14 March 1997 and effective as of 1 October 1997, criminalize many kinds of disorderly conducts in the jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China.

Articles 23 to 29 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, adopted and promulgated on 28 August 2005 and effective as of 1 March 2006, administratively penalize non-criminal disorderly conducts in Mainland China.

Disorderly conduct is typically classified as an infraction or misdemeanor in the United States.



Any person engaging in the following prohibited behavior will be given a verbal warning and explanation of the rules and will be asked to comply.

However, no court has struck down a disorderly conduct statute as being per se unconstitutionally vague or overbroad.


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