Code for rowupdating in gridview in c

Open() Dim Sql Command As New Sql Command("UPDATE TEST SET Report = ('" & Report & "'), [Business Area] = ('" & Business Area & "'), Salesdepartment = ('" & Salesdepartment & "') WHERE ID = @Row ID ", Sql Connection) Dim Sql Data Adapter As New Sql Data Adapter(Sql Command) Dim data Set As New Data Set() Sql Data Adapter. Edit Index = -1 Bind Data To Grid View() Sql Connection. Selected Row will not work inside Row Updating event. Text Using Sql Connection As New Sql Connection(Sql Connection String) Sql Connection.



But Values retrieved from the tex Boxes are old values (not the newly typed in values in Edit mode) So in effect no updating is happening.

I am only going to show the different ways we can use code to take the value from Grid View.


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