Christopher meloni dating

Even after all these years, it looks like their friendship is still going strong!

That should have been understood by everyone involved, instead I kind of walked in and he was just gone…A little out of my hands, but there's still continued ill will about it and that's unfortunate," Leight told us.Meloni was married to Doris Sherman Williams long before the show began. Despite them both being in relationships, the pair joked about being each other’s Valentine’s back in 2017. Meanwhile, his ex-partner is calling the shots over at headquarters.While they may not be sharing screen time anymore, the pair still gets together. In December of last year, Hargitay took a little vacation and she crossed paths with Meloni!Parents: Christopher Meloni's father name is not available & mother's name unknown.


Siblings: There is no information about his siblings.It stems from him often taking cases to heart, turning his dedication to justice into a dangerous obsession.


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