Capricorn woman dating a leo man

While over our lifetimes we are often educated to consider others in our actions, the setup of karma and astrology in the lifetime of the Leo is such that they are often their luckiest when prioritising themselves first, and letting their blessing ripple out to those around them.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense why the number 1 is a lucky number for Leo, and it flavours much of what a Leo person does in life whether they’re cognisant of this or not.

It’s impossible to ignore the presence of a Leo in your midst, assuming their natural magnetism hasn’t already captivated you.

These people love to be the star of the show throughout their lives, and if your eyes aren’t already on them, don’t worry – they’ll find a way to draw your gaze..

heck, even the ticket number in the deli line itself!

It all combines to show that Cupid’s arrow is ready to strike.

Warm, protective and compassionate, Leo people have a disposition as warm as their ruling celestial body, the sun.

They are natural romantics with a very sensual side, but also intelligent enough to be natural predisposed towards success in their career endeavours.


When choosing between numerous new homes on the property market, for instance, the one on floor 4 or with 4 in the home address is often the happiest place to live, and the most comforting to Leo when it comes to resting and recharging.

In the Far East, the number four is regarded with suspicion and superstition – and for Leo folks with this cultural heritage in their ancestry or their current lifestyle, it might feel understandably reluctant to entrust themselves to a number so symbolic of misfortune and death. Whether or not you have a natural suspicion of the number 4, it’s a lucky number for Leo folks that seems to crop up in intriguing patterns that underpin the flow of a Leo individual’s life.

Leo people born on August 4th tend to have huge ambitions for their careers, as well as the means to accomplish them.

Much like the strength of their ruling animal, the lion, Leo folks also have much in the way of natural resilience and good health.

They’re often pretty active and high energy, and offset that with downtime that’s sensual and indulgent.

With so many things in life already going their way, do Leo folks even need lucky numbers, you might wonder?


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