Bsd updating ports collection

Portsnap is a fast and user-friendly tool for retrieving the Ports Collection, the preferred choice for most users.

See Using Portsnap for a detailed description of Portsnap.

For users which cannot be connected all the time, the make fetch option is provided.

Run this command within /usr/ports and the required files will be downloaded.

If ports-mgmt/portaudit) is installed, run portaudit -F before installing a new port, to fetch the current vulnerabilities database.


Using the Ports Collection assumes a working Internet connection.

The ports system uses fetch to download the files, which honors various environment variables, including FTP_PASSIVE_MODE, FTP_PROXY, and FTP_PASSWORD.

You may need to set one or more of these if you are behind a firewall, or need to use an FTP/HTTP proxy.

This set of files is used to compile and install applications on Free BSD.

The instructions below show several methods of obtaining the Ports Collection if it was not installed during initial Free BSD setup.

This section provides basic instructions on using the Ports Collection to install or remove software.


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