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When they find a suitable target, they tell her (or him), that they've gone abroad on a business trip and lost a credit card or broken a hip or whatever and need money fast.A man testifying on Scam Victims summed up the typical experience: I was scammed by someone who pretended to be from the UK.He directs his victims to one of several websites, where they can get the viruses removed, and instructs them to click on links for "live support" or "live contact." When they do, the caller remotely rummages around in their files where he can copy and steal information.Scams are already spreading across Facebook, which started in a matter of minutes after the news broke of the earthquake in Japan.That Is: Exxon Mobil Since January 2006 Enhances a Hundred People With Financial Assistance to Liberate their World and Help their Society With a Better Living.After The Successful Completion Of Our Market Year Of 2008 Which Ended August 8,2008.Needed money, I got scammed of a few thousand dollars to send her back to UK. IC3 says that it has received 150 complaints about this one.

On Behalf Of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Of Exxon Mobil Corporation Mr. Tillerson, I am Pleased to inform you That Your Email Address Have Been Selected to Be Among This One Hundred Lucky Email Address For the Year 2008 International Award..Got a question about a product or an account from a big-name online retailer that makes you want to speak directly to their customer service representative? Some are run by scammers out to hijack your credit card number or install malware on your computer. But the FTC warns consumers that it’s a mistake to assume that all toll-free numbers that pop up in a search are legitimate customer service lines. Then you may do what seems like the next best thing and just type the company name into a search engine.

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The Microsoft Corporation Have Always Supplied this Company With Fifty Thousand Email Addresses Of Active Internet Users Yearly, And Your Email Address Was Submitted as One Of the Active Internet Users For the Year 2008.


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