Book dating knowledge

After that, at the beginning of each of these major sections, there is a thematic statement concerning judgment and deliverance (1:2; 2:1-2).These twin themes are then developed in each section (1:3-15; 2:2-).The first chapter is primarily a poem (1:2-10) focusing on God’s good and just nature and his certain judgment of those who plot against him (-15).The second and third chapters bring the truths about God highlighted in the first chapter to bear on the situation in Ninevah, predicting both her utter destruction at the hands of a jealous and vengeful God and the restitution of God’s people.The question arises, however, as to whether we can be more specific within this 50 year time frame.Some argue that the picture of Ninevah in the book is one of stability so it is likely the prophecies come early in this period, rather than later.

Others, however, point to the imminent nature of Nahum’s judgment language and suggest that a later date is likely, i.e., a period closer to 612 B. The Hebrew text of Nahum is fairly clear and relatively free of major problems.Accurate and detailed observation assists in giving his pictures verisimilitude.


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