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While some may have a prearranged date to go to and thus travel alone to the young woman’s house, others may be simply trying their luck and go in groups.

Although they start in groups and may help each other in getting into the houses, they slowly disperse as each find his way to his intended young woman.

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Young men, thus, would sneak out of their houses after their families went to bed.

This is not easy as many traditional Bhutanese families all slept in one large room, which is used as the kitchen, living and bedroom.

A search could be foiled with a wrong step or movement, with visitors stepping on the family cat or bumping the kitchen utensils, thereby waking up the whole family.

Thus, it is not unique to Bhutan but the Bhutanese are perhaps the most recent group to see this practice decline with the arrival of urbanization, more modern lifestyles, and the growing shift towards more conscientious and consensual modes of romance and courtship.

In part due to the lack of proper understanding of the practice and partly due to the influence of westernized urban bias towards the primitive folk practices of rural communities, modern Bhutanese urbanites, particularly those who are engaged in development and gender issues and who carry out their conversations in English, have inaccurately used the misnomer ‘night hunting’ in English to refer to this traditional practice although neither the word ‘night’ nor the word ‘hunting’ exists in the original terms used to refer to it in places where it is practised.The houses are also often guarded by fierce dogs at night and the young man have to overcome this obstruction, which they may do by befriending the dog in advance.


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