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Lenz's innate likability, coupled with how relatable her character was, made the Florida-born actress' rise to super-stardom seem like a sure thing.Break-ups are hard enough without the entire world watching and judging your every post-marriage move.When one commenter pushed back, calling the marches useless, Lenz took the time to reply and explain her stance on their true relevance."This is important for women and girls who are NOT in powerful positions to know that they have a massive amount of support," she politely, yet pointedly explained.That is, it isn't hidden — fans couldn't get enough of her voice when her character Haley decided to pursue a singing career on . Always singing, always writing songs, I've been lucky enough to record several albums, several EPs, and I had the extreme fortune of joining Gavin De Graw, Michelle Branch and Tyler Hilton on a 21 city concert tour while I was on (part of the Nasty Habits web series).And, in happy news, the multi-tasking actress still finds time for her music. Lenz then spoke about the experience on Twitter, thanking Nasty Habits writer-director Christina de Leon for "hiring women like me to direct and helping to keep creativity an open forum." It isn't the first time, and surely not the last, that Lenz has made the salient correlation between female creatives and substantial material."There's a serious lack of interesting material for women late 20s/early 30s right now. I'm also looking for more material to produce to create more jobs for women in my industry and lend my voice," Lenz told If you can't tell by now, Bethany Joy Lenz is a passionate person.Her excitement extends far beyond what happens in front of (or behind) the camera in Hollywood, though.


In 2016, Lafferty, who portrayed Nathan Scott, reunited with his former TV wife Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James) and their former TV son Jackson Brundage (Jamie Scott) at the Eyecon’s One Tree Hill convention held in Wilmington, Carolina.

"Waking up, finding out there's more to life, getting down to the bare-bones and finding out, 'Actually I can survive without x, y, z,'" Lenz told .

"Making lunch for my daughter and sending her off to school, it makes me really happy.

Bethany posted a photo on her Instagram account ; Devoted fans of One Tree Hill will understand that #alwaysandforever and #dontsayinevergaveyouanything refer to the biggest moments from Nathan and Haley’s relationship.

In early 2005, James was rumored to be in a relationship with Rachael Wilson.

It's really been great." Judging by the fun photos Lenz shares of Maria on social media, it's safe to say this darling mother-daughter duo make the most of their time together.


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