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The case attempts to profile the needs of consumers and expertise of auto-manufacturers, in the wake of new CAFÉ rules. Looking for growth, Suzuki launched gearless scooter 'Access 125' (Access) in the 100cc to 150cc segment to compete with its competitors like Honda, Kinetic, and Bajaj. Automobile Industry INA0074A 2008 Available Available Keywords Indian Two-Wheeler Market; Industry Analysis Case Study; Transportation; Consumer Behaviour; Motorcycles; Gearless Scooters; Marketing Strategy; Joint Venture; Competition; Foreign Players; Product Innovation; Suzuki; Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (P) Ltd.; Hero Honda; Bajaj Auto; Kinetic; LML Compact Camera Grey Market in India: Nikon's Dilemma Sensing the fast growth in the Indian camera market, Nikon Corporation, a Japan based camera brand, in 2007, decided to set up a subsidiary in India.

For centuries, western brands like Gucci, Versace, Armani and LVMH maintained their supremacy in the world of fashion.

Innovation, rich designing, marketing expertise coupled with the presence of excellent fashion connoisseurs, enabled the western brands to command a premium over the years.


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