Asp net dating larawan ng mga dating pangulo ng pilipinas


NET projects, Azure, Office 365 and a lot of other stuff.

NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that allows you to create cutting-edge websites and optimize your digital customers’ experiences fully across multiple channels.

He's been a developer from 2004 (starting with PHP and Java), and he's been bending and twisting Share Point into different shapes since MOSS.

Nowadays he's not only working on Share Point, but also on .

These parameters are the name of the driver, Server name and Database name. The Http Post version of Update Action method does the actual update of the teacher’s record using ADO.

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I had specified an Add Or Update -call, in which no value for a Date Time -typed property was set in the model.

My naíve assumption was, that this would set a non-required property to null even if I didn’t explicitly set it to nullable, but that was of course wrong. Date Time in SQL Server has a minimum value of 1/1/1753 AM – you can try this by trying to set a value lower than that in SQL Server Management Studio.

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