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Angel Coulby's net worth is million, at present.She has earned this amount of figure from her acting career ads, sponsorships, and endorsement.She earned a degree in the field from Queen Margaret University.True, Angel Coulby’s portrayal as Gwen was her highest-profile role.

In 2002, Colby appeared in numbers of the television series, she was featured as Kylie Riley in television series ”.Hardly would anyone disagree that the English actress is good looking.Although reports about her being named the “Sexiest Actress Alive” are false, one can’t say Angel Coulby isn’t attractive. She weighs 48kg and is 3 inches taller than 5 feet. I think Bradley really enjoyed it…”Angel and Bradley reportedly picked interest on each other while they were working on Merlin.

It is said that they eventually agreed to be lovers and have been together since 2011.To her fans, she confirmed the relationship in 2012 when she was questioned about kissing Bradley James in Merlin.


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