Accommodating people

When the employer receives a request for accommodation, the employer should make multiple proposals for the employee, who can then review all proposals.

Lastly, when determining what forms of accommodation are needed, employers must know what the functional limitations of their employees are.

Accommodating invisible disabilities in the workplace can pose challenges to both the employer and the person with the disability.

Most people are familiar with disabilities they can see.

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For anybody learning to say "no" currently - learn to say "no" gently and kindly. I let people impose stuff on me, and once I have had enough, I have a very rude way of telling people off.

Examples of accommodating invisible disabilities in the workplace include, but are not limited to: If the accommodation measures implemented are not working as intended or the needs have changed, employees should work with their employer to find ways to modify their accommodations.

One reason for this rudeness is a fear that I will lose something when declining (e.g.


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