11 facts about dating abuse


Therefore, you are more likely to do things that you would not do while sober. Date rape drugs like rohypnol ("roofies"), gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and ketamine can easily be mixed into drinks when you are not looking. Once you lose sight of your drink, do not consume any more of it.

Alcohol lessens inhibitions and decreases your awareness.


The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness--a leading organization aimed at providing educational resources and preventive measures to discourage dating violence—defines dating violence as a “an act or pattern of abusive and coercive behavior used to maintain control over a former or current intimate partner.” Through this definition it is realized that dating violence is not only administered on active partners in a romantic relationship, but ex-partners as well.

Avoid being alone with anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

Your instincts will tell you which situations to remove yourself from.

However, there is also a dark phase that opens up sometimes in relationships.

In this phase, one person may hurt, scare, or demean the person he/she is dating on a frequent basis.

It is best to stay lucid, especially in the company of people you barely know.2. You do not know whether a substance had been added to your beverage at the time of your absence. Avoid going into secluded areas with your date until you trust him/her.



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